30 Before 30

I blogged about this 30 Before 30 list here in more detail and wanted to keep an update for anyone who's interested.

I'll do separate posts for some of the items and will link to the posts if I do, but if you have questions about any of them let me know. And I'd love to hear if you've made a list of your own!

Navy = Items not completed 
Purple = Items started and in progress 
Maroon = Items completed

1. Catch up on photo albums from our trips and wedding. After two years of marriage, we still don't have a wedding album!
(So far we've made an album from our trip to Seattle.)

2. Clean out office and paint it

3. Do 30 Day Shred for 30 days in a row
(I did not enjoy it- I gained weight after doing it!)

4. Complete 10,000 page challenge

5. Attend horse races
(blogged here)

6. Read through the One-Year Bible

7. Learn to play tennis

8. Learn to make yummy martinis
(Basically, my secret is using mixes since I only like sweet/fruity ones lol!)

9. Have a baby
(blogged here)

10. Do something nice for someone- anonymously

11. Buy an expensive item of clothing or jewelry for myself ($400 or more- can be 30th Birthday present to myself)

12. Go horseback riding

13. Host a dinner party- preferably a Christmas party

14. Picnic by LSU lakes

15. "Meet" Chase (brother)
(blogged here)

16. Try at least one new recipe each month

17. Start and maintain travel journal

18. Join Mocha Club or sponsor child in need
(blogged here)

19. Visit eight new bookstores (Books A Million, Borders and Barnes and Noble do not count)

20. Attend a concert or show I'm truly excited about

21. Watch another play or musical
(Chicago on Broadway- blogged here)

22. Be a tourist in my own towns- Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Hammond
(So far I've explored Hammond. Fun!)

23. Start at least one new tradition for JD, me and our future kids- something we and they know we will do without fail

24. Watch five old movie classics
(So far: Breakfast at Tiffany's and A Streetcar Named Desire)

25. Learn basic sewing skills- buttons, hems, etc.

26. Make some type of craft or piece of art to display in home or office
(blogged here)

27. Send photo Christmas card
(Completed Christmas 2009 and 2010)

28. Go to two more NFL games and two more MLB games

29. Continue to volunteer with reading program and/or find another volunteer opportunity

30. Stay more in touch with my extended family