Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Family Pictures

I'm so excited to share these pictures with y'all! I had planned on waiting until after I sent out our Christmas cards but our photographer posted most of these on facebook the day she took them so it's kind of pointless to wait now. Which is fine - some of you will just see them on facebook and here and when you get our Christmas card. We really like them, what can I say? :-)

The best part about these is that they were FREE! Ok, not completely free because I did buy our photographer a gift card, but she didn't charge us. How amazing is that?? She's actually not a "professional" yet. Which -btw- what constitues a professional photographer anyway? I've always wondered that. I saw some of her work on facebook and asked if she'd be interested in taking our pictures for us. I'm not sure who ended up more excited about the whole thing, her or us!

I don't really care if she's professional or not, I love how our pictures turned out. We had intended for them to be Jaxon's six month pictures and JD and I were going to get in a few shots to put on our Christmas card. Although we did end up with a few of just Jax, they turned out to be more family pictures than six month pictures. Either way, I'll always cherish them because they were our first professional ones (except not) as a family!

Sorry for the overload, I apparently have a hard time narrowing down what pictures I want to share
 (helloooo my last Weekend Fun post with a gazillionty billion shots)!

Um, that face. Love it.
(Maybe just because I'm his mama but I don't care. I love it.)

That smile gets me every. single. time.

He sweetly tolerated all of the kissing for a bit.

But then decided he'd had enough. He usually LOVES him some kisses so we were surprised to get this reaction from him but they made for some pretty fun pictures! :-)

I'm so glad she captured these moments.

I keep looking at myself and JD in this picture and thinking, "Oh this is a good one." And then I notice Jaxon's face and crack up.

Seriously baby boy, you need to slow down. Such a little man already!

This was the last picture she took of the day. He got a bit fussy once or twice but, overall, was such a good sport about the pictures!

I mentioned this before but if you'd like a card from us and aren't sure if we have you on our list, email me at Ber611 at aol dot com. I'd love to exchange cards with anyone who's interested!


Mrs. MidAtlantic said...

These pictures are priceless. I love them!

Lauren @ Dreams Take Flight said...

How. freaking. adorable! These pictures are so fabulous she should def be charging! ;)

tootie said...

The photos are gorgeous!! Your photographer did an awesome job!

Vicky said...

All your pictures are so cute! Your little guy has an adorable smile :)

Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

He's such a cutie pie and has grown soooo much!!!!

Becky said...

Beautiful pictures! They look very professional to me!!!!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

These turned out SO SO SO cute!!

Kristin said...

CUTE! Great pictures!!

♥Aubrey said...

LOVE the photos!!! Your ;ittle mn is absolutely adorable.

missy. said...

oh my gosh look at that little smiling face. he is so adorable amber. i love these pics! xoxo