Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Loving Lately: September

It's already time for the next installment of things I'm loving lately! Have I said before how quickly time is flying?? Yes? Well regardless, here are some of my recent favorites, in no particular order.

Having beignets with friends I haven't seen in way too long

It's always so wonderful to catch up. I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture with them but Erin did snap this one of me and Jaxon. And I'm glad she did, because those sunglasses were stolen out of my husband's car this weekend. This is the only picture I'll have to remember them by, since I just had them for a few months.
Rest in peace, my little pretties.

Visiting the downtown farmer's market

I do, however, use the term "farmer's market" very loosely. I read about it on a local website and got myself all pumped up. The write-up promised 20 booths of locally-grown produce, fresh baked pastries and jewelry, among other goods. I drug my boys out bright and early, and we arrived to find 3 stalls. THREE! One was full of bows and other girlie baby items, another had grandma-looking jewelry (no offense, Grandma!) and the last had candles. I bought from 2 of the vendors just because we were one of the only families out there and it would have been super awkward not to.

However, it was nice to just get out and do something as a family. We walked around downtown until it got too hot and even got this fun picture to remember the day. Too bad we weren't actually in it.

Oh and funny story about the sign... a week after we took this picture, someone made "hot" into "ho." Surely I'm not the only one who finds this utterly amusing? :-)

Eating dinner outside at a yummy local Mexican place

Jaxon loooves being outside and is often an angel baby when we take him out, especially if we're outside for part of the time. This place we go to has a big fountain / waterfall thing that we sit by and he is just a happy little camper listening to the water and taking in his surroundings. JD and I are so thankful to still be able to enjoy fun dinners together even with a baby in tow. I was certain those days would be over once the bug arrived!

This yummy Cheesy Enchilada Casserole

I. Love. Pinterest. For many reasons. This recipe alone is a good one. JD and I had fun working on it together. He cooked the meat part (I haaaate raw meat. Completely ooogs me out. Ew.) while I mixed up the rest of the ingredients with Jaxon in his sling. Super easy.

It was so good, I was disappointed when there were only enough leftovers for us to have it again for lunch the next day. We will be making it again very soon. (Oh and side note: we left out the lettuce and tomatoes... you know, the healthy part? Yeah, we didn't add the healthy part.)

So that about wraps up my recent faves. I'm sure we'll blink and then I'll be back with my October ones!


Amanda @ New Adventures said...

Jaxon is getting so big already! Wow!

missy. said...

mm i will definitely have to be trying that. your baby is so adorable. i love his cute little face. xoxo

Ali said...

When did that baby become an actual person? He's gorgeous!

Miss you, mama. xo

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Love your pic and the glasses. Too bad they were stolen. Who does that? Really! :(

Katie Jones said...

Okay I'm officially making that casserole for dinner tomorrow night :)

Ocean Dreams said...

Jaxson is just SO adorable. Glad you got some mexicana food - delish and sorry about the sun glasses girl! miss you!