Sunday, February 8, 2009


1. JD was sick last night and it was soooo sad! He said, "Take care of meeeeeee." Poor sweet baby! Thankfully, he's feeling better today after sleeping approximately 16 hours.

2. Saw Bride Wars and it was pretty cute. Didn't blow me away. Now I want to see He's Just Not That Into You. I hope it's as good as the book!

3. Had take-out sushi last night and it was delicioso! We got barbeque eel, spicy tuna, and a roll called the CJ roll that has crabmeat and other goodies in it... and it's fried. Yumm. Yumm. Yumm.

4. JD has a scrimmage all day Saturday and I'll be at my parents' cleaning out my old room again, so we're celebrating Valentine's Day on Friday night. We decided to use a gift card to a new restaurant we got for the wedding so we'll be getting dinner for cheap!

5. We said we wouldn't get each other gifts for V-Day but I'm thinking about getting him something he mentioned he wants (hoping he doesn't read this!). Would that be considered cheating?

6. David Bromstad is trying to find inspiration to create a piece of art that is "Baller Chic Contemporary" in style. I have no idea what that means and I cannot wait to see what he comes up with.

7. David Bromstad made it into my last "Random Thoughts" post also. Wonder if I have a gay crush (similar to a girl crush but on a gay guy)?

8. I wish it was next Sunday so Amazing Race would be coming on tonight!

9. I just realized I have enough reward points on our wedding credit card (which is paid off and we no longer use) to get a $75 gift card! Yay for free money!

10. I have mixed feelings about being on the last book of the Twilight Saga. I'm excited to know the ending but disappointed that I'll no longer have those books to look forward to.

11. About to go grocery shopping with the hubby. SO much more fun than shopping by myself!


Becky D. said...

Hi!!! Great that you are joining in my blog!!! I saw your post about Blog Stalking...I totally do that too!

Erin said...

It cracks me up that you call Jeff JD. I doubt Julie says the same thing. She can't seem to get away from those 2 letters. I miss you and hopefully will get to go on Jenn's bachelorette trip.